Give me a whistle.

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Don't panic.. Don't panic. She tried to calm herself and quickly recalled the date of her last period. Recently, a series of disorder and confusion have made her neglect the troubles that women must go through every month, but her cycle has always been normal.

Don't panic.. Don't panic. She tried to calm herself and quickly recalled the date of her last period. Recently, a series of disorder and confusion have made her neglect the troubles that women must go through every month, but her cycle has always been normal. It's over! It's late! Under normal circumstances, she should have come a week ago, but there has been no news as late as today. Usually, the dangerous period is calculated fourteen days before the date of the tide, which is three weeks ago. It's over! "Not here?" Shi Teng Jing and her flustered, complex, to the final failure of all see in the eyes. A breath stuck in her throat, and Huang Shaozhen had to swallow several times before she could make a sound. It's not here yet. She corrected with a trembling voice. What if you never come? He asked calmly. Don't be ridiculous. The plot of a one-night marriage can only happen in a third-rate drama. Now she is too flustered to imagine the consequences of the event. Fine Shi Teng Jing and temporarily retreat. If something unexpected happens, I want you to discuss it with me before you make a hasty decision. He took out his business card and wrote on the back several phone numbers where he could be reached at various times. Huang Shaozhen took it in a confused way and turned away from the suddenly narrow stairwell. She needs more space and fresher air to get her brain moving again. Wait a minute. A pull held her back. What's your name exactly? This is ridiculous! He doesn't even know her officially. Huang Shaozhen,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the young and strong, the chaste and strong. She pulled her arm back, turned her head and walked away again, so that she could not die and be tied up again. Give me your address and phone number. She pulled back the autonomy of her arm. If there is a need, I will take the initiative to contact you. With that,Self-closing Faucet, she almost flew away from the scene. As soon as Huang Shaozhen stepped into the courtyard, an invisible sense of oppression came to her from all sides. Fold a fixed day to go home for dinner every week. Home is located in the suburbs, the environment is quite quiet and beautiful, has always been her refuge. However, she was still in a state of shock these days and did not fully cope with her parents'questions. Mom and Dad, I'm back. She entered the house, ready to face the night ahead. Huang Mu yuanfu's figure appeared at the kitchen door. You're just in time to come back. If you don't start dinner, the food will be cold. Her mother winked at her secretly and listened to her father in the living room. The atmosphere in the living room is very heavy. Father's stout bulk filled the armchair, Flush valve price ,push button toilet flush valve, and his face was sullen. When he was young, the sea journey made Li Feng rough his appearance, the hot sun tanned his skin, and at the age of 57, he looked even older. However, the challenge of nature did not make his temperament smooth, but carved out a stubborn character. The most amazing thing about relatives and friends in private is that the couple of the Huang family, whose men are rough and their women are ordinary, have also given birth to a delicate and noble pearl. Dad, what are you unhappy about? Huang Shaozhen approached his father. It's really not good! If you don't think about it, our Huang family is a'century-old shop 'in this area, with a clean family background, and a child with an unknown father has come out for no reason to teach us how to face our neighbors with an old face. Father Huang's face turned dark red with anger. Huang Shaozhen immediately understood that his father must have gone out to attend the banquet of which family, and was teased by the neighbors in the village. "That's my cousin's business. What does it have to do with us?" She sank wearily into another chair. This is the disadvantage of being too deeply rooted in a small place. Relatives and friends live close to each other, and the neighbors are all old acquaintances, so there is almost no right to privacy. Isn't your cousin's surname Huang? "Father Huang grabbed the white in a huff." Your uncle's poor discipline has caused me, the younger brother, to lose face. It's true that three generations of Qingming have been defeated by him! "He's a disgrace. Why don't you just do your best?" Mother Huang's voice joined the conversation from the kitchen. "When we went outside, the man didn't raise his thumb and say that Ah Chen was smart and sensible?"? It's enough to have this kind of daughter to help you win back face. Don't meddle in the affairs of relatives. Huang Shaozhen suddenly felt like sitting on pins and needles. If she had a rising star in her abdomen to report for duty, I can't imagine how high her parents' blood pressure would rise. I'm hungry. When can I eat? She quickly changed the subject. "You just sit there and shout, and you don't come and help with the dishes." Huang Mu glanced at her. Oh. She answered sullenly and went into the kitchen as a helper. When the phone rang, Huang's father was closest and picked up the microphone on the tea table. Hello Where do you find her.. Ishito? My daughter doesn't know Japanese. Nonsense! Of course I do. Our Huang family doesn't make friends with Japanese devils. What can I do for you.. Is it? Fine! Wait a minute. Father Huang turned to the kitchen and shouted, "Zhen, how can a teacher in the Japanese department of your school have a home phone?" When Huang Shaozhen heard this, she was startled. Where did the Japanese teacher come from! Could it be Yasukazu Ishito? He is like? How to get the phone number of her hometown? ? She rushed to the extension of the restaurant to answer it. Hello, this is Huang Shaozhen. She turned covertly sideways to stop her father's surveillance. Did you call to make trouble because you were afraid that I would have too many good days? The deep sound of laughter vibrated and resonated in the ear canal. The'guard 'in your house questioned me so thoroughly that I almost thought I had to give you the secret code first. "What do you want to do?" She lowered her voice to avoid being heard by her parents. Don't worry Shi Teng Jing and a comfortable sigh, the background faintly heard the sound of water, presumably in the "bubble soup". I just want to remind you that your whereabouts are not difficult to keep track of. You will be surprised how many personal messages you can find through the computer. "You are really." She gnashed her teeth,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, then remembered that someone was poking around behind her, and abruptly turned her tone 180 degrees. It's very kind of you, Mr. Ishito. I'm flattered that you bothered to call my parents' home for this little thing. 。