The Lord is mighty

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As a result, according to the situation at that time, with the appearance of the Shendi's movements,

As a result, according to the situation at that time, with the appearance of the Shendi's movements, Zhou Tian had a little more confidence, and at that time, his movements, which were not too big, were naturally strengthened a little. So, according to the situation at that time, Zhou Tian began to have no corresponding plan, but after seeing the reaction of the God, he also knew that his actions at this time still had a certain effect. In this way, Zhou Tian knows what he is going to do next. According to the situation at that time, Zhou Tian's most effective action was naturally to contact with the God Di. I believe that the sealed God Di must know how to break the jungle. As long as Zhou Tian is willing to listen to his orders, it is estimated that there will be no problem in breaking the jungle. However, Zhou Tian has a clear understanding that his biggest purpose at this time is how to escape from the jungle. In addition, the release of the sealed God di, or even the destruction of the jungle, was just to achieve their own goals, and in this case, although Zhou Tian was theoretically going to release the God di, but if it was not necessary,smart board for conference room, Zhou Tian actually did not want to contact the God di. The reason why Zhou Tianhui wanted to release the God was that he valued the strength of the other side. Knowing that according to the strength of the God, if he had the ability, he would destroy the jungle, so Zhou Tian would release it at that time. But also because of the strength of the God Di is too strong, so this will let Zhou Tian have the idea that absolutely do not contact with each other unless necessary. Because Zhou Tian knew very well that he was not qualified to have a positive dialogue with the God Di at this time. Although the other party hoped that Zhou Tian would release him at the moment, and even eventually he could get out of trouble, he might benefit from Zhou Tian's help, but all this did not mean that the God Di was really harmless to Zhou Tian. Indeed,75 smart board, with the guidance of the God, it is easy to break the rules of the jungle. But if when the God di has other plans, directly will Zhou Tian as a victim to use, it is estimated that the God di to get out of trouble is not a problem, but Zhou Tian himself is also afraid that it will be damaged. And obviously, if there is a glimmer of possibility. Zhou Tian always said that nothing would let that happen. After all, Zhou Tian did those things just to protect himself. If he sacrificed himself in order to save the God or destroy the jungle, wouldn't Zhou Tian put the cart before the horse at that time? So, according to the situation at that time, from the beginning, although Zhou Tian had the idea of letting the God come out, from the beginning to the end, Zhou Tian never had the idea of contacting each other. In order not to be used by the other side, Zhou Tian can release the God, but he absolutely dare not contact with it. As long as the God is released, he can also get out of trouble smoothly. Zhou Tian doesn't want any trouble at all. But unfortunately. It's not that Zhou Tian doesn't want to get into trouble, interactive panels for education ,smart board interactive whiteboard, and then there won't be trouble coming to him. In fact, whether Zhou Tian was willing or not at that time, from the moment he walked into the jungle. But then it is already doomed. At that time, Zhou Tian would definitely be related to the two or two Shendi forces at that time. Now. Zhou Tian planned to use the God to get out of trouble at the same time, but the powerful God was not playing the same idea at that time. According to the situation at that time, although Zhou Tian's actions in the outside world at that time did help him to some extent. But apparently the God doesn't want to go on like this. Even if Zhou Tian was making trouble in the outside world at that time, it was also possible to release him, but because the efficiency of his action at that time was not very high, according to Zhou Tian's action, I don't know how long it would take to release him, but if there was any change in the process, his opponent got the news or Zhou Tian died. The God Di's hope of getting out of trouble this time was dashed at that time. Undoubtedly, Zhou Tiancai was trapped for so little time in order to get out of trouble is already doing everything possible, imagine the time that the God was trapped, it is not difficult to imagine, at that time the God in the end how much hope that he can escape from the seal. Depending on the situation at that time, any factors that might affect his extrication would not be allowed to exist any more, so when Zhou Tian, the external force that helped him extricate himself, might be destroyed, it was impossible for the God to remain indifferent to the situation at that time. Speaking of it, according to the situation at that time, there were only two things to do. One is to try to ensure the safety of Zhou Tian, saying that nothing can let Zhou Tian die in the jungle, and the other is to let Zhou Tian release him as soon as possible, and only after he gets out of trouble, Zhou Tian's value to him will be weakened at that time. So, according to the situation at that time, how Zhou Tian thought at that time is not important, the important thing is that the God Di hopes Zhou Tian can release it as soon as possible. At that time, even if Zhou Tian did not want to act according to his arrangement, the God Di would certainly use his own way to make Zhou Tian'obedient '. In fact, the God has not used those who strayed into the jungle, that is not because he did not want to use, but because he did not have the conditions to use the other side. Now, because of Zhou Tian's actions at that time, the power of the seal has been weakened, regardless of whether this weakening can continue. At least at this time, because the seal power of the jungle has been weakened, if the God Di wanted to do something at that time, it was somewhat possible according to his power. At the very beginning, because he did not know the identity of Zhou Tian, the God took the initiative to contact Zhou Tian at that time. According to the idea of the God, he naturally hoped that Zhou Tian would take the initiative to obey his orders. But unfortunately, Zhou Tian did not really come to the rescue of his God Di, so if Zhou Tian and he really want to talk about the relationship, it is only the relationship of mutual use. And in this case, at that time, even if the God di how to command,smart boards for conference rooms, as long as Zhou Tian is not willing to listen to its orders, the God di even say more, then it will not form any help to get out of trouble.