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Once hit, the total damage of the trial itself alone is as high as 1000 points.

Once hit, the total damage of the trial itself alone is as high as 1000 points. Although limited to the super God user's own magic resistance and life recovery speed, in fact, the damage will be discounted, but it is still a very troublesome skill. What's even more disgusting is that this skill seems to be accompanied by authoritative "sex". Although Lao Li's Lightless Shield was immediately blessed, it only expelled the effect of the chance to be crit when attacked, and the damage of the skill itself could not be dispelled. If you were an ordinary mage, you would have to tremble in the face of the demon judgment skill. But unfortunately, Zhao Dingguo is not afraid of this. If it is an instant outbreak of 1000 damage, Zhao Dingguo will be very hurt. But one jump per second, a total of 20 segments of damage, hey.. His own magic resistance will first reduce some of the damage, and then has been upgraded three times to reduce the real damage, and has an 80% chance to resist 14 points of real damage. These two layers alone remove almost half of the damage of the trial. In addition, don't forget Zhao Dingguo's Ice Element Ball. If all four pucks are cut out, look at the current level 3 ice element effect. This is the recovery rate of 12 HP per second. Take into account his own natural blood return, push stick 3 points/second bonus, plus the 17% blood-sucking effect of the crazy mask, even without Shen Caiwei's shadow wave. Zhao Dingguo's blood volume can remain unchanged! This strength is not something that anyone can do. At the beginning,interactive flat panel display, I saw Zhao Dingguo resist easily. Lao Li also thought that the trial of the devil sounded awesome, but in fact the effect was not so good. Only ten seconds later, when the demon guard gave the second trial to Lao Li, he immediately found that it was not the demon trial's skill that was weak, but the captain beside him was too strong. The same is the effect of the trial, Zhao Dingguo can not drop the amount of blood, Lao Li even if a meat suit, or can see the value of life in the obvious downward drop. Especially at this time,interactive boards for classrooms, the demon guard once again launched an aoe skill-barbaric trampling. Not only did Yan Yuelan and Lao Li feel dizzy for two seconds at the same time, but their blood volume dropped sharply for a long time, and they suffered up to 400 points of damage! Seeing the enemy dizzy, the demon guard unceremoniously brandished his weapon and slashed the two men. Despite the crisis. Yan Yuelan and Lao Li did not have any panic, and they were very relieved about their teammates behind them. But Shen Caiwei also did not let them down, the shadow wave added one, then started the Mekensm. Under the double recovery, the damage caused by brutal trampling is pulled back directly. Zhao Dingguo is simply, star imprisonment forcibly sealed this elite monster. Although the effect of the seal, which could have lasted for two seconds, was greatly reduced. It only lasted for a second, but Zhao Dingguo immediately added the rapid cooling of the authoritative "sex" judgment and controlled the target again. By this time, Lao Li and Yan Yuelan had recovered and continued to attack the demon guards. As the attack continued, touch screen whiteboard ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, the juxtaposition of Yan Yue Lan began to trigger the effect gradually, and two doppelgangers appeared one after another to besiege the demon guards with her. When attacked by a demon guard, it turns on the blade armor to rebound damage, while relying on the triggered Courage Moment ability to increase the attack, and in this attack to drain health. With phase, blade armor, ball of vitality and Yaksha, as well as several other small pieces, she has initially shown the potential of a strong late stage. As a control and meat shield, Lao Li's strength is not bad. It's just that he just got the bloodline, and his own skills are assisted by the shield of no light, so the output is not high. But there is reason to believe that when Lao Li's rank is upgraded, it is absolutely a powerful bulldozer that can not be ignored! Shen Caiwei needless to say, after weaving down the enemy's armor, relying on the touch of poison, she can also play a passable damage. Especially the shadow wave set healing and damage in one, seemingly insignificant, but really if statistics, Shen Caiwei's total output may not be worse than Yan Yuelan. With such a powerful teammate, it's only a matter of time before this demon guard is toppled. After several struggles, the Demon Guard began to trigger savage trampling frequently after its health was below 25%, and the cooldown of Demon Judgment was reduced to a short five seconds. However, under the shadow wave treatment strengthened by Shen Caiwei's soul equipment, Zhao Dingguo managed to survive. With the fatal blow of Zhao Dingguo's lava elves, the demon guard was unwilling to drop his clenched weapon and fell on his back. Yan Yuelan, who was the closest, stretched out her hand to "touch", and fortunately "touched" a consumption scroll of "sex". [Demon Trial] When activated, it deals judgment to the target. The damage of judgment is 30 points per second, and the duration is 15 seconds. It will not be dispelled by normal skills. The target in judgment has a 10% chance to take 1.5 times critical damage when attacked. Zhao Dingguo would undoubtedly be very satisfied to see this scroll if he had not seen the original version of the Demon Trial. Deals a total of up to 450 damage to enemies, with an additional effect, and is already a useful scroll. But compared with the original skills released by the Demon Guard, almost all of the "sex" has shrunk a lot, not even the counterfeit goods, which makes them somewhat disappointed. How stingy. Shen Caiwei and Yan Yuelan coincidentally said, from 1000 points of damage to 450 points, I'm afraid anyone will have such a complaint. In contrast, Lao Li was much more straightforward. He stepped forward and kicked out discontentedly, kicking the body of the demon guard over. Despite such and such dissatisfaction, in line with the principle of not taking white, Zhao Dingguo still put away the scroll, with three team members to continue on the road. As the team continued to develop, it encountered more and more of the Burning Legion's monsters. After slaughtering an elite monster again, Zhao Dingguo was preparing to move forward when he suddenly found two figures on the edge of the gray field of vision ahead. Zhao Dingguo was stunned and immediately took out the fog of trickery from the nameplate,65 inch smart board, so that all four of his own people entered the invisible. Fortunately, the druid mages who followed them silently could also enjoy the effect of the fog of trickery and disappear into the air, so as not to reveal their whereabouts.