Liangsheng, can we not be sad?

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Lu Wenjun looked at me and said that during hypnosis,

Lu Wenjun looked at me and said that during hypnosis, your dream had told me all about your mind. So, you don't have to look at me so curiously, although I have never experienced your past. But, according to your dreams, I know what's on your mind and how you relate to the people around you. Bei Xiaowu is the person you have hurt very unintentionally, so in your dream, he plays the role of Wu Dalang, the person you hurt as "Pan Jinlian"! And Cheng Tianyou, once gave you hurt, also gave Liangsheng hurt. So, although he dotes on you in real life, he still leaves you a big shadow, which you can't get rid of in your sleep. So, you dream that he is Wu Song, the one who will raise the butcher's knife to you and Liangsheng! Finally, it's Liangsheng. He is the one you love most, but he shouldn't be the one you love most! Therefore, you are always in this contradictory and anxious state of mind. The feelings between brother and sister, slightly biased,artificial coconut palm trees, will encounter secular taboos, you and Liangsheng naturally will not be spared. So, you are burdened with such a deep sense of guilt. Even back in the dream, your relationship with him is still defined by your subconscious as the despicable feelings of "Pan Jinlian" and "Ximen Qing"! Lu Wenjun said these words in a loud voice. After saying that, he raised his eyes and looked at me lightly. In the eyes, there is pity, sympathy and helplessness. I lowered my head deeply and my tears kept flowing. Some worries are always so vulnerable. What's more, they are facing their own psychologists. Lu Wenjun looked at me,outdoor ficus tree, gently rubbed my hair, eyes with incomparable light, said, silly girl, believe me, everything will be all right! I will make you better! Lu Wenjun's words, like those calming drugs, made me suddenly feel at ease. Suddenly, there is someone who has nothing to do with you, but can share your worries selflessly. At this moment, my heart, to this strange man sprouted the initial trust. Verse 31:13 Who else can hold me in your heart like you? (1) (More than 0U play RV read NL books EI station Who else can put me in your heart like you? Accompanied by Lu Wenjun, my mood gradually stabilized at noon. I repeatedly hesitated to tell Cheng Tianyou about Bei Xiaowu. Undeniably, what Tianen said about Tianyou's painstaking efforts to rescue Ning Xin made me suddenly feel distressed. I shouldn't feel heartache, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,silk olive tree, and I shouldn't blame Cheng Tianyou. As Tianen said, unless my heart is to hope that this delicate and kind woman will die. What a wicked curse! How dare I think of it. I am sad, but he never told me, and I was foolish to keep in the dark, full of guilt to think of this unfortunate woman. More sad is that, perhaps, everything is really as Tianen said, Tianyou can not let go of his initial feelings with Ning Xin. I also understand why Cheng Tianyou left so quickly when he received a phone call in the hospital. Because in another part of the city, there is another woman who needs his care! The most innocent age, love the most innocent person, who is willing to forget it? Thinking of this, my heart is full of bitterness, and there is a tangled resentment in it. I finally did not call Cheng Tianyou, and, because of resentment, deliberately set Tianyou's mobile phone number to "refuse to answer calls". I felt a sense of revenge when I thought he couldn't find me in a hurry. So, I'm so sick? It's just, is he in a hurry? Later, I called Jinling and told her anxiously that Bei Xiaowu had been arrested in the police station! Then I told Jinling the whole story. I said, damn it, I've been in trouble for eight lifetimes! Provoke such a devil as Cheng Tianen! I said, Jinling, you'd better give up on him early! He's driving me crazy. When Jinling heard this, she hesitated for a moment and seemed to defend Tianen in a low voice, saying that he was not like this before. Then the voice became tight and said, Jiang Sheng, Tianen has indeed changed, but you have to calm down! Don't fall into his trap! Obviously, he's using the Ning Xin thing to drive a wedge between you and Tianyou! I didn't know Ning Xin came out! Weiyang never mentioned it to me! Obviously, Tianyou doesn't want anyone to know. One of the reasons, may be afraid you know! He is afraid that you are sad, not necessarily as Tianen said, he and Ning Xin entangled! Sometimes, you have to believe in the character of the man who loves you! In addition, you must not rush to question Cheng Tianyou ah! Did you ask him why he wanted to save Ning Xin? If you do this, Cheng Tianyou will definitely misunderstand that you mean that you would rather believe in death! This is a bastard thing, you must not be bewitched by the grace of heaven! Trust his character? Damn it, he put a camera in my house to spy on me, and he has a ***ing character! Seeing that Jinling had finished defending Tianen and defended Tianyou, my heart was a little angry, and the above words almost blurted out! When Jinling saw my silence, he said that I would go to the police station by the way and say that it was a good interview task. He hoped to see Bei Xiaowu and Jiang Sheng. Don't be sad! The matter of Lin Lu. At this point, she hesitated for a moment before saying, I will go to find Cheng Tianen! When Lu Wenjun saw me talking to Jinling, he was worried about Bei Xiaowu and said, "I can ask Ke Xiaorou to help you. He is sending all his acquaintances to bail out one of his little sisters.". While accepting Jinling's relief on the phone,large palm trees for sale, I accepted Lu Wenjun's relief in front of me. Thought, you are two-pronged! To deal with Cheng Tianen this evil, how can we take it lightly.