A gift from heaven

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Wei Yaoqing couldn't help sighing with emotion: "Your Royal Highness is really benevolent and filial!

Wei Yaoqing couldn't help sighing with emotion: "Your Royal Highness is really benevolent and filial!" Benevolence and filial piety to her some surprise, can almost say that this prince is an absolute good man. How could such a man be born in an imperial family? That's what surprised her. It was not that he had never heard of his grandfather's judgment. Whenever he mentioned the prince, his grandfather used the word "benevolence" to describe him. But whether it was so or not, Wei Yaoqing thought that it was very difficult to judge a person without seeing him with his own eyes. Under such circumstances, a person who will be in front of others when he is in prison is indeed a good man, but it is a pity that Yangshou is approaching. She sighed, "It's a pity.". Eyes fell on the eyes of Princess Anle, compared to the gloomy queen mother Yanxi, the prince's benevolence and filial piety, Princess Anle's situation is somewhat complicated. She is just a little rough, and the foundation of her body is not damaged. Such humiliation, she slowly endured down, it does not look obvious, I do not know whether she is smart or stupid, but one thing is certain, for a princess who has been rich since childhood, this is not a lot of endurance to live. She is like a transparent person, the calluses in the palm can not deceive people, she should have done a lot of menial work. For the royal family surnamed Liu, it would not give her a lot of endurance, but there were not many scars on her body, which showed that she could not find any mistakes. But she did not completely regard herself as a real servant, at least, when she came to the door, she could get the "palace" back in time. A gloomy queen mother with little life, a prince with pure benevolence and a princess with amazing endurance,Beverage packing machine, these are the three people she wants to take back. These three people bring back big Chu, can be foreseen, will inevitably cause a lot of twists and turns. When Princess Anle wiped away her tears and got up, Wei Yaoqing opened her mouth again and said, "The news has been passed to the Empress Dowager Yanxi. The day after tomorrow is the Miao people's Moon Worship Festival. The Miao people begin to prepare in the morning and fall into a carnival at night. That day will be very lively. I have almost arranged it. We will leave the day after tomorrow." Princess Anle looked up at her. "They're all here, you …" How many people? "The high priest of the Miao people will help us secretly." Wei Yaoqing said, "Princess Anle can rest assured that I have arranged it properly." Princess Anle looked at her calmly. "Do you know how we were taken three years ago?" "I'd like to hear more about it." The girl looked up and said, "I really haven't heard of the specific process, and the details of the matter have never been detailed to the outside world, so I don't know." Princess Anle sat down and said, "In terms of military forces, Dachu's military forces are far superior to theirs, but we still lost and had no power to fight back." "Do you know why?" Wei Yaoqing's eyes flashed, bottle blowing machine ,water filling machine, but he still shook his head. Because they have a lot of Yin and Yang sorcerers, the means may not be human life, but for ordinary generals, such means have never been seen, for a while naturally do not know how to deal with, it was caught off guard. Princess Anle looked at her and said, "Look at you now. It seems that you brought us back secretly. You must hide it from the court. So you are the only one who knows the thirteen branches of Yin and Yang." "With one's own strength, how sure are you of the Yin and Yang sorcerer?" Princess Anle asked her in reply. Even if the high priest of the Miao people will help him secretly when he leaves, how much can he help? Princess Anle sighed with a wry smile at the corners of her mouth. "It is reasonable to say that a wise man should not listen to you." "Then why did the princess promise?" Wei Yaoqing asked in reply. Princess Anle bowed her head and said, "I can't let my elder brother stay here like this, even if.." She lowered her head and her eyes were red. "I also want to be on the land of Dachu." Then her eyes flashed a trace of firmness: "No matter what, I will try, I will take my brother back!" " "This is it." The girl's lips were curved, and she looked gentle but could not let her beak go. "Anyway, like a princess, I want to have a try.". In the past, how long did it take to climb from a supervisor to the Onmyoji Division and then to the Tianshi Division? How many years does it take to be promoted? Even if a strange combination of circumstances, opportunistic to get the position of the Great Heavenly Master, such as the current 30-year-old Great Heavenly Master Li Xiuyuan, his position is also unstable. "Not to mention the fact that I am now so young that I can say that I have never heard of it before. To do this at an age that has never been heard of before, it is natural to do what others can't do and make contributions that others can't make except me." "So.." Princess Anle looked up. So bringing the queen mother, the prince and the princess back to Dachu is what I have to do that no one else can do. Chapter 398 leaving. Today is the festival of worshipping the moon, one of the big festivals that Miao people want to celebrate. Mo Laosan went out early in the morning. When he came back after buying food and wine, he had already seen Xiao Zhang, who was wearing the clothes he came and tidied up properly. She leaned against the door and joked with him with a smile, "Mo Laosan, I didn't buy any fish today!" After buying two fish that day, Mo Laosan found such an honest old man who sold fish, so he went to his place to buy fish every day. For several days in a row, he ate fish. Mo Yeer kept shouting that people had turned into cats and ate fish every day. Mo Laosan scratched the back of his head and said, "The old man who sells fish is not here. Maybe he has gone to celebrate the festival." Mo Yeer clapped his hands and applauded, no matter how much he liked to eat, he would be tired of eating too much. Wei Yaoqing leaned aside and joked, "Don't shoot it. Maybe you can't eat it even if you want to!" "How is that possible?" Mo Yeer is still running around her crazily. "Tomorrow the old man may come again." "Then this old man is really a good man," Wei Yaoqing said lightly. "Two big money, two big fat fish, selling like this, is really a loss to the underpants." Mo Yeer could not understand her words, only to hear the words "underpants are going to be pawned" and then laughed. At the end of the meal, when the guests were enjoying themselves, she got up, still carrying the bundle she had come with,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but this time she was carrying a bigger bundle in her hand, and she did not know what was in it? Mo Yeer was so curious that she wanted to pull it open and have a look, but she flashed past in time. Mo Hua'er also hurriedly grabbed Mo Ye'er and scolded him: "Don't mess with Xiao Zhang's things!" 。 gzxilinear.com