I have Goldfinger.

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She's smart enough not to say it now, at least for a while.

She's smart enough not to say it now, at least for a while. After the sister-in-law's divorce, we'll talk about it after Xiao Jinzi's illness is cured. Jin-young, did you get up too early? Why didn't you sleep a little longer after a long day yesterday? If you can't sleep, just get up and make breakfast. I'll cook it, warm it in the pot, and eat it later when everyone gets up. "Thank you, it's my turn to cook today, but I took advantage of it." "The third sister-in-law will wait for a few days to deal with the matter, and I will take turns to cook on duty." "No, let's wait until the little gold is well." "OK, when Xiao Jinzi's health is better, I'll take him to the hospital to check that he's all right and then work in shifts." Think about it, maybe I've been running around the city recently, and it's not appropriate to be on duty, so I won't say anything anymore. After a while, all of them got up. Even the little gold who had been there yesterday was better. He woke up and looked at the door with his eyes open until his mother came into the room. Black eyes rolled a few times, tears flowed, and I saw my mother again. At this time, the little gold wanted to hold her mother and hold her hard. The child shed tears, Shen Zhenying heartache also followed the tears,juice filling machine, but also kept comforting his son, "little gold, do not cry, do not cry, is it uncomfortable?" The little guy shook his head gently and smelled the soap on his mother's body. "Mom, I miss you." Touching his son's forehead and his own, he said softly, "Mom also misses little gold.". Is it uncomfortable to tell your mother? "It's not uncomfortable,water filling machine, it's just sticky and I want to take a shower." Little Jinzi only lived to the age of fifteen in his previous life, and it was only because his mother had been working hard to earn money to renew his life that he could live to the age of fifteen. He spent most of the next few years in the hospital. Grandpa and his uncles also spent a lot of money on his illness. Grandpa's family spent a lot of money on him, and his aunts often quarreled with him. But the uncles still paid for his treatment, because they were the poorest family in the village. After his death, his soul followed his mother until before her death, he was suddenly pulled by a force and came back this morning. It's good to be alive to see my mother again. However, he felt that his body, unexpectedly good, not as heavy as in previous lives, not so uncomfortable, because he did not know why. Maybe it's because God helped him. All right, mom will boil the bath water for you and wait. "Good." Although he didn't want his mother to leave, he didn't say much. It's good to be alive again. God must have made it up to him. The news that little gold woke up soon spread all over the Shen family. The children also wandered around their cousin and were soon driven away by their grandfather. "They all went out. Didn't you see that little gold was not feeling well?"? Xiaotao, after breakfast, you carried the bamboo bed to the yard, Vegetable oil filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, let your aunt put a quilt on the bamboo bed, and put a quilt on it. Today, you are not allowed to go out to play with your younger brother and sister, just play in our yard. "Yes, listen to Grandpa." Shen Hai also made a mischievous salute to Grandpa. Pulling his grandson and seeing that the child was really much better, Shen Qinghe took out a toffee from his pocket and said, "Take it and eat it." "Thank you, Grandpa." Little Jinzi knew that he would change his surname and call Grandpa instead. My little gold is so clever that he will call Grandpa in the future. "Mmm." Small gold nods heavily, he is not rare surname Wu, later he is Shen family. When you recover from your illness, Grandpa will ask the head of the clan to open an ancestral temple and write down your name on Shen's genealogy, which will be Grandpa's own grandson in the future. Shen Qinghe wants to use this method to let the child quickly melt into the Shen clan in the future. Melt into the Shen family. All right, little gold, listen to Grandpa. "Well, when you recover from your illness, Grandpa will teach you how to fight and how to hunt." "Well, big brother, do they want to learn?" He lived for fifteen years in his previous life, and then followed his mother for more than ten years. He was no longer an ignorant child. If Grandpa doesn't teach them, he can't learn. Touching the little gold's big hand, he paused and continued to rub it in an instant. "Teach, your second grandfather's brothers and brothers all teach.". The mountains around our village stretch for thousands of miles, and there are many wild animals. I have learned to make tooth sacrifices occasionally. ” "Thank you, Grandpa. Little Jinzi will study hard in the future. When he grows up, he will be filial to Grandpa with his mother." "Well, Grandpa is waiting for Little Gold to buy wine for him." "Be sure to buy the best wine." The interaction between the old and the young in the room, the children and adults under the eaves outside are really listening. The original body can hunt, but the technology is not good, Shen Qinghe came, hunting is no longer a problem. After breakfast, Shen Qinghe took out the ancient bow and arrow from the cellar, carried it behind his back, and took his second and third sons up the hill. She gave her eldest daughter fifty yuan and asked her eldest son to stay at home with her. When Wu's dog came back, she went to the village to get a divorce certificate. Want to bully his daughter, even if it is a cheap girl, also can not. Under the eaves outside the West Room of the main room, a one-meter-wide and two-meter-long bamboo bed was carried out and wiped clean with a clean rag. Old quilts and clean old sheets were laid on it. The children leaned against the wall, covered with quilts, and talked to their brothers and sisters. Chapter 149 reborn village flower (03). Old man Wu rushed to Xijing City before dawn to find his unfilial son before dawn. He hated it. The in-laws didn't scold him. An unfilial son is really not a thing. Working money to build a house for the Tian family, stealing food and not wiping their mouths clean, so that mother-in-law found out. It's so stupid that you have to involve the whole Wu family. It's a fool and a prodigal. Along the way, old man Wu kept cursing the unfilial son and the fox spirit of the Tian family, who was the head of the disaster. I really thought that I was a fairy coming down to earth. In the early years, when the unfilial son liked her, he disliked his family for not wanting to marry, and now he is in a hurry to get married. It's really shameless. Family tradition, learned from her mother, a family of men. Thief . Female . Prostitute Every good thing. Whispering all the way,liquid bottle filling machine, before dawn, old man Wu came to the rental house where his eldest son lived. Before he entered the door, he stood outside and heard the noise inside. The old man blushed and wanted to rush in and scratch the shameless fox spirit to death. gzxilinear.com