Dragon knife

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Two penetrating needles hit the eyebrow heart point

Two penetrating needles hit the eyebrow heart point of the two men at the foot of the North Mangmen Gate. They followed the blood to attack the heart. They felt heartache like a twist. They could not help howling and lying on the ground. The lion-faced heavenly king suddenly felt a numbness on the jade pillow point in the back of his head. The penetrating needle had already shot into his brain. Before the howl came out, he fell down on his back. Jin Chongwei could not help but be stunned, only when the lion-faced heavenly king miserably plotted against the evil spirits in the north. At this time, several people were killed or injured at the gate of the north. Suddenly, he heard a sharp roar from the ghost king in the north, turned around and jumped away. He reached into his arms and took out a soap flag. Under the North Mangmen one after another occupied the position, pulled out the soap flag waving, the flag emitted a thick black smoke like splashing ink. "Retreat quickly!" The Eastern Dawn shouted. The body flew over Jin Chongwei and others. "You may not be able to walk," sneered the Northern Ghost King. Smoke filled the air quickly, covering dozens of feet around. The Eastern Dawn did not expect the demon array to be deployed so quickly. It was obvious that the Northern Ghost King intended to catch all of them. Canglang Villa rushed to the back of the Eastern Dawn. "Please hold your breath," said Jin Chongwei. "Beware of poisoning and coma." The thick smoke of splashing ink filled the air and the stench could be smelled faintly. Knowing that what Jin Chongwei said was true, he held his breath and saw Di Kang fold a branch in his hand and walk around. After drawing a big circle on the ground, he scratched around and ran like flying. Eastern Dawn was erudite. Seeing this, he knew that Di Kangbu had set up a strange door to escape from the armor, but he could not see Di Kangbu's strange door. He could not help feeling shocked. He thought, "This man is very young, but he has a strange knowledge. No wonder the palace attaches great importance to enlisting him as a bodyguard." As soon as Di Kang jumped back, he said with a smile, "This is a minor trick. It's not enough for the Villa Leader of the East. It's similar to the Jiuqu Yellow River. There are many doors. It's difficult to block the gas of the nether world from infiltrating, but it's not suitable for a long time. After a moment of calculation, it's the dawn of the five drums. The ghost array is difficult to resist the sunshine. The ghost king of the north is about to withdraw automatically." Dongfang Liming said with a smile,inflatable bounce house with slide, "The white bodyguard is so talented that my brother is ashamed of himself." Secretly way: So is a side door small skill, the year has not reached the crown that has such erudite prodigy! Out of sight, only to hear the roar of ghosts rising and falling, sometimes far and sometimes near, gloomy and harsh, making people's hair stand up. Suddenly I heard a palpitating voice from the North Ghost King saying, "Teacher Dongfang, it's better to submit to the old man,Inflatable water park factory, so as to avoid the disaster of withered bones. You must know that even if the old ghost array is a land immortal, it's hard to escape." The Holy Hand of Heaven and Earth, the Dawn of the East, opened his mouth to speak. Di Kang said in a low voice, "Don't say anything to show that it is unfathomable. The ghost king of the North has doubts in his heart. He will not dare to withdraw from the ghost array and come here to visit the actual situation. As soon as it is dawn, we will fight with all our strength!" Sure enough- When the Northern Ghost King did not hear Dongfang Liming's reply, he could not help feeling suspicious. He secretly said, "No one in Canglang Villa has escaped from the array. Although the nether world magic array is powerful, Dongfang Liming and others are so powerful that they may not die so easily." However, Dongfang Liming deliberately did not answer and lured himself to visit him. He could not help hesitating, knowing that the snake would not die but become an enemy. He was a strong enemy of the North Mangshu, and then his heart was shrouded in a hidden worry. From a cottage in the far countryside came the sound of a cock crowing, and a long and thin figure like a charm flashed to him. "Master," he said, "the dawn is coming in a twinkling of an eye. If we don't close the magic array quickly, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,large inflatable water slide, I'm afraid we can't stop the sunshine." With a cold hum in his nose, the North Ghost King waved the soap flag in his palm and spat out a long and harsh roar in his throat. The ink-splashing smoke gradually dissipated, and a dawn appeared in the east. Suddenly the Eastern Dawn burst out laughing and said, "What can I do about the tricks of ghosts and ghosts?" CangLang villa people rushed out, knife light and lightning rush, palm potential like thunder, under the North Mangmen caught off guard, even injured several people. "Dawn in the East," said the Northern Ghost King in a harsh voice, "I swear to be irreconcilable with you!" Raised his hand to make a black rain, and led the crowd to run away. "Don't pursue the poor bandits," shouted the holy hand of Qian Kun. Di Kang smiled and said, "I have to go to the government office. Take care and see you again." Slightly folded his fists, jumped through the air, swept to the city wall of Zhenjiang, castrated like a meteor running arrow, and in a twinkling of an eye it was more than ten feet away. Eastern Dawn can not help but stay. "This man is very young," said Jin Chongwei, "but he is endowed with extraordinary knowledge, so he has become a snare. It's hard to avoid being arrogant because of his talent.." As he spoke, he glanced at Lu Yingjie, Du Ziling, and Du Yanfei. Then he said, "The old man can see that he is quite congenial to the three of you, and they are about the same age. If the three of you can fall in love with him, you can't become close friends until the beginning. We might as well go back to the Changxing Inn, and the three of us will stab the government office to express our admiration for him. Then we will invite him to visit Canglang Villa with us." Dongfang Liming nodded his head, sighed, and said, "We have seven dead and wounded. The wounded will be sent back to the villa for medical treatment as soon as possible. The dead will be buried in a thick coffin. Unexpectedly, Teacher Li has been plotted against by Beimu. My brother has temporarily returned to Canglang Villa to take charge. Beimu has been invited by the other side. They will harass the villa one after another." Said to lead the crowd away. The White Bone Judge Jin Chongwei led the four men to look north to see if there were any suspicious people in Wulin. Lu Yingjie saw off the figures of the five men of the White Bone Judge Jin Chongwei and said, "What is the origin of the evil red dart that robbed the Weiyuan Escort Agency?"? Spicy and poisonous, so that the older generation of the East and the master of Canglang Villa are restless and exhausted. Up to now, we still can't find out a clue. Do you know where the Black Lake is? Du Ziling chuckled and said, "Who knows where the Black Lake is? I think it's a fabrication that confuses the minds of the older generation in the East." Lu Yingjie said, "After all, Miss Du is extremely clever. It must be a fabrication. Why can't I think of that?" Du Yanfei smiled and said, "The chaos in Wulin has begun. If you and I take a wrong step, we will have a great hatred. The reason for this is really complicated. It involves the whole Wulin.." Lu Yingjie was surprised and said, "Brother Du, please tell me the details. Why can't I notice it?" "It's hard to explain," said Du Yanfei. "Since the evil spirit of robbing the dart is in the East, you can go to Canglang Villa to seek revenge. Why did you avoid seeing it after robbing the dart? There's something hidden in it.." As he spoke, he gave a loud laugh and said, "This matter will eventually come to light. There is no need for us to worry too much. The older generation in the East is extremely talented, and a generation of people are outstanding. The pearl of wisdom is in hand. Sooner or later, we can find out the origin of the first evil. Young Stronghold Leader,Inflatable water park on lake, let's go!" The three of them walked in the direction of Fucheng. In a moment, they had already walked three miles away. Suddenly, they heard a tragic cry from the wind: "Help!" Du Yanfei and other three people could not help but be stunned. They followed the sound and saw a small brick house looming in the peach grove dozens of feet away from the roadside. joyshineinflatables.com