Low Frequency Transformer suppliers

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Low Frequency Transformer suppliers Product Name: Low Frequency Heating of Power Transformers High-quality materials, fine workmanship, stable performance, durability, efficient work, quality assurance, support customization. Safe, Durable, Stable, Professional, Suitable for All Kinds of Electronic Equipment: Medical chemicals, program-controlled switches, LCD displays, energy-saving lamps, communication equipment, machinery and electronics, air conditioners, microwave ovens. Trust Comes from Quality, Intelligent Protection is Trustworthy Low frequency heating of power transformers has good insulation performance, high electrical strength, low no-load loss, and good anti-interference performance. Simple Structure and Long Life The products are produced in accordance with the standard, and the isolation is completed by layer winding, which is safer, and the product has a long safe service life. Copper Core Coil The use of all-copper coils has good electrical conductivity, which greatly improves the reliability of product performance and comprehensively improves product quality. Insulation Materials The design of high temperature resistant insulating materials makes the transformer more energy-saving and quieter. Energy-saving Noise Floor The use of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets for stacking and special dipping process treatment effectively reduces vibration and noise during operation.Low Frequency Transformer suppliers website:http://www.transformerinductor.com/low-frequency-transformer/