Become an immortal after a hundred refinements

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I have learned one or two things, for example, this Sanyang Forging Soul Pill, and I have some experience in refining it.

I have learned one or two things, for example, this Sanyang Forging Soul Pill, and I have some experience in refining it. What As soon as the words came out, not to mention that the two women were stupefied, it was the old man surnamed Lei. Also poor Dian jumped up from his seat and his face was full of suspicion: "What are you talking about? This Sanyang Forging Dan, have you ever Refined? "Yes." Lin Xuan nodded, look calm, not the slightest perturbed. The old man squinted.. He looked at him carefully from head to toe again. 'Well, if you can really refine this kind of elixir, it's no problem to get started, and the old man I can also accept you as a registered disciple. Registered disciple? Lin Xuan listened to a speechless array, of course, on the surface had to pretend to be extremely happy. 、 "You two go down!"! The two women saluted together and both turned away. After a while.. The back disappears in the cloister, but with Lin Xuan's powerful divine consciousness, her two Speak in a low voice, but please let it fall into your ears. Sister Long, what is the origin of Lin Daoyou. Sanyang Forging Soul Pill was not even refined by Martial Uncle He dared to boast about his success. 'Elder Martial Sister Ning, the younger sister has already said that he was recommended by Elder Martial Brother Murong, but I was earlier than you. After seeing him for a moment, it was not clear. The woman in red sighed and defended herself with a wry smile. 'Well, but look at him, he's calm and calm. Uncle accepted as a registered disciple, which is really promising. Unexpectedly showed a bit of envy. It's really not like bragging about the atmosphere,car radiator cap, if it's Lei Shi. Speaking of the back, the face of the woman in white. "Yes, isn't it?" Although several elders in charge on the peak today, Martial Uncle Lei Xiuwei is not the best. Gao, but he has always been highly regarded by Fengzhu. I heard that Shizu intends to let him take charge of Danyang Pavilion "Younger Martial Sister." The voice of the woman in red did not fall. But was interrupted by a woman surnamed Ning: "This is not the case." Confirmed rumors are also what you and I can spread. If it falls into the ears of any uncle. You and I are going to be in trouble. The woman in red stuck out her tongue. The two women dared not say much and walked away quickly. Lin Xuan's face flashed thoughtfully. She is new here, the dirty nature on the Fire Cloud Peak. It was not clear, but from a few words it could be seen that the old man in front of him was in a high position and had climbed up. His line should do a lot of good. Of course, the different color on Lin Xuan's face was just a flash, and the other side did not pay attention to it. Can Xiaoyou really refine Sanyang Forging Soul Pill? "Yes, I'm at least 70% sure, but." Lin Xuan said here. Face But there was a hint of embarrassment. What's the matter? The old man spoke very eagerly. Since the elder is a master of Dandao, he must also know the rules. I need a list. A quiet room alone, and no one can disturb it. Even the older generation can not watch from the side. Lin Xuan's face was full of anxiety, Stainless steel foundry ,socket screw plug, as if he was afraid of the other side's fire, of course, all of this was deliberately put on by him. There is no problem. The old man made a big move, without any sign of dissatisfaction: "As long as you can do this." Dan, practice it. All conditions. Everything depends on you. This is not how generous and selfless the old man surnamed Lei is. The reason is that he only needs Sanyang Forging Pill. However, as for the specific refining method, I don't care much about it. Because this Dan is very obscure, ordinary monks simply do not use it. This matter has been a headache for the old man surnamed Lei for several years. Tracing back to the source, but also from one of his trips. Speaking of.. That time I went to Sanning Prefecture to handle affairs. But unexpectedly, he still has a pulse in the secular world. People A person who cultivates immortals is not unfeeling. The old man surnamed Lei was so delighted that he couldn't help going to take care of him. Here we go. As a result, among the descendants, there is a younger generation who has a very good aptitude for cultivating immortals. Holy Spirit Root! There are only a handful of disciples with the aptitude of going against heaven among their nine sects. Mortal Middle one appears. In order to rob.. Even a few fights are common. After all, it is extremely easy for the people of the Holy Spirit Root to build the foundation and make the elixir. Just work hard.. Plus a lifetime of opportunity. It is not unusual to fight against yuan Ying: Now, a descendant who has a blood relationship with him has appeared, and the old man surnamed Lei is dancing with joy. . Then what is there to say? Bring it back to the sect immediately. Prepare to teach personally and train well: However, as the saying goes, extreme joy begets sorrow. Perhaps the aptitude is too good to cause the day to envy, soon a fine. The old man, surnamed Lei, was frozen by the thunderbolt. This junior of his is the Holy Spirit Root. However, he was born without a soul. As we all know, everyone has three souls and seven souls, but I don't know that Miss Lei was reincarnated in her previous life. Is there a problem at the time of reincarnation. If she's just going to be an ordinary person, maybe it's nothing, at least more than ten. Over the years, her relatives and friends did not see any difference between her and the girls around her, but they wanted to repair her. Xian.. That's a very interesting question. One less soul means that her soul power and divine consciousness will naturally have a great loophole and go crazy. The probability is much greater than ordinary people, a bad, it may be beyond redemption. In other words.. She is not fit to set foot on the path of immortality. But the root of the Holy Spirit.. As soon as the old man surnamed Lei thought of this, he couldn't help shouting abuse, "This is not the top." Are you kidding? Is such a good qualification wasted? Hoping to be disappointed again later, the blow can be imagined, not to mention that the woman has blood relationship with herself. Relationship Elder Lei is not willing to give up in any case. So he put down all the things he practiced. Read the ancient books wholeheartedly and want to learn from the predecessors. Find the remedy for the wrong in your wisdom. Hard work pays off, after reading thousands of volumes of classics, the old man surnamed Lei finally from a certain book. In the dilapidated ancient books, we can see a glimmer of hope to solve the problem of consciousness. Chapter 681 Sanyang Forging Pill. Like this kind of spiritual root is excellent, but born without a soul, the probability is certainly one in ten million. But looking at the millions of years of history of cultivating immortals, Jing Fei has never seen such a thing. And some of the most talented senior, in order to solve this problem,die casting parts, exhausted, and finally by him. Come up with an idea. People who lack a soul are not suitable for cultivating immortals, mainly because they have major defects in soul power and divine consciousness.