Beg the devil

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His whole body was filled with frost, and the burning stone in front

His whole body was filled with frost, and the burning stone in front of him slowly shrank as the flames continued to spread their heat, and when it disappeared completely, it meant that there was no other way to warm up here. Once at that time, in the cold wind, all the cultivation will not play too much role. "Su Ming.." Su Ming! The ugly figure clenched its teeth and trembled with an unforgettable voice of hatred. He is Sima Xin. In his body, in the end what happened, this matter, only he and Bai Su's father know, but look at its appearance, obviously such a thing, for him, is a road that has to be chosen. The moonlight was still falling on the earth. On the third peak, there was also a woman sitting cross-legged outside the cave. She was not afraid of the cold. As she breathed, there were bursts of cold coming from all directions. Beside the woman sat an old man. You have condensed enough cold to change the power of Qi and blood. You could have opened the dust. Why should you continue to condense.. The old man spoke slowly. Master, if I open the dust, I can't be less than nine hundred and ninety! The woman opened her eyes and saw a clear awn in her eyes. She was Hanfeizi! "Do you have to compare with him?" The old man frowned. He is a God, and I want to be a God! Hanfeizi's sè nodded his head firmly. But if you insist on doing so, you won't be able to catch up with Tianlan Hunting Witch. The old man glanced at the disciple in front of him. Even if I can't make it to the beginning, I can go there at the beginning of the war. Hanfeizi said, the whole body of Qi and blood suddenly run, a blood line emerged on its body,Inflatable water obstacle course, reflected through the clothes, that Yan's blood red at the same time, but also revealed an amazing cold. 981, I can still insist! Hanfeizi took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and continued to immerse herself in the process of absorbing the cold and stabbing her blood. Her spirit was calm, but only she and the old man beside her knew how much pain she had to endure in the act of absorbing the cold. But this pain, and her face, is not seen,Jumping castle with slide, as if her whole person, has become a piece of "…" Ice! The moonlit night gradually dispersed, when the distant horizon had a slight light, when the new day came, Su Ming opened his eyes from the cross-legged, he stabilized his body because of the consumption caused by the help and wind last night, now as usual, after that day, he got up and returned to the cave house. As time went by, Su Ming seldom went out in the cave mansion. He only went to look for the Second Elder Martial Brother at night to refine the dead spirit needed to seize Lingsan. On the ninth peak, only the Second Elder Martial Brother had it. With enough dead gas, Su Ming left the ninth peak in the night after half a month, when he was less than a month away from the battle of hunting witches in Tianlan. He left alone, accompanied by the shadow under the moon, without a car or a fire ape. Three days later, Inflatable mechanical bull ,inflatable water slide, on an iceberg far away from Tianhan Zong, thick clouds appeared, thunderstorms roared, and lightning roared down, making the mountains like thunder pools. The thunder lasted for several hours and gradually dissipated. When the people of the nearby tribes came to check, they found nothing. Three days later, Su Ming returned to Tianhan Zong. From time to time, there would be lightning on his body. When he stepped on the iceberg, he would make a crackling sound. In his body, his magic weapon of life had improved, and he had a lot of enlightenment about the mastery of thunder. When he returned to the cave house, Su Ming took out the spirit powder that had been refined on this trip. A total of four pieces of spirit powder floated in front of him, emitting a deep light that could absorb his eyes. There are still twenty days to go before Tianlan's witchcraft. In Tianhan Zong, the nine continents floating in the air have gradually changed, the distance between them has been reduced, and they can be seen moving every hour. This strange phenomenon, bow up a lot of people's attention, but after the people who have experienced Tianlan hunting witches, most of them know that the war is coming! Because of the suppression of the war, it permeated the Tianhan Sect. At this time, it reached a high level. Because of the movement of Tianmen, it represented one of the treasures of Tianhan Sect, the appearance of Cold Heaven! Hanbingtian is the most familiar treasure of Tianhan Sect to the disciples of Tianhan Sect, because every Tianlan battle, this treasure will appear, it represents Tianhan Sect! There are countless sorcerers who have died under it. Every time it appears, it will make the whole iceberg of Tianhan Sect become red. It is not just dyed, but reflected into red! "It will emerge fifteen days before the war, five days before the war, showing a complete outline, and the next day before the battle, coming from the illusion of the seal.." "In the ten-year battle of Tianlan, what appears is its projection, not the realist." "Only a hundred years of war, it will really appear …" With it, I can let the people who participate in the war of Tianhan Zong get the greatest degree of survival, and can experience the life and death in the process of growing up.. "There are many rumors about its origin, among which the most recognized and accepted one is that it was created when the Tianhan Sect was established. As one of the three treasures of the Tianhan Sect, its main role is to pass …" Kill! Of the three greatest treasures, the treasure of the Lord's killing! "It changes unpredictably, as far as I can see, the shape of the projection is different every ten years, and even the arrival of the real body is different every hundred years.." It seems that its real existence is ever-changing. Su Ming looked up at the nine continents of Tianmen moving slowly in the sky, and heard the pious voice of the car in his ears. All the combatants will follow it.. Go to Tianlan together. "Martial Uncle, it's time for war." Although the Tianlan barrier has not been broken by the sorcery clan for a long time, but every hundred years a war. There is still such a possibility. The car looked at the sky and murmured. I can imagine, now in the sky of the sorcery earth, there must be countless fierce beasts, as well as those powerful holy beasts. The witches are also preparing. It's like an old agreement. The car closed its eyes. At this moment, not only Su Ming and Zi Che are looking at the sky,inflatable amusement park, but almost all the people of Tianhan Sect, even the high disciples of Tianmen who live on Tianmen, are staring at it.