The reconstruction of life

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Those who eat a lot of "junk food" will find themselves drawn to nutrition if they start on a spiritual level.

Those who eat a lot of "junk food" will find themselves drawn to nutrition if they start on a spiritual level. They will meet a friend, or find a book, or attend a training class, which will help them understand that what they eat is related to their feelings and images. If there is a desire to grow and change, then change on one level will lead to change on other levels. I rarely give nutritional advice to others because I find that all methods work for only some people. In terms of nutrition, you have to find something that works for you, or you have to find an expert who can test it for you. Many books on nutrition are written by people who have been ill themselves, and they have summed up a set of rehabilitation methods suitable for themselves. Then they write books to tell others about the methods they use. However, everyone is different. For example, food formulas that promote longevity and natural fresh food formulas are two completely different dietary formulas. People who use natural fresh food formulas never cook anything, rarely eat bread and cereal, and they carefully avoid eating vegetables and fruits at the same time. They never use salt. People who use food formulas that promote longevity cook almost every food they eat, take different combinations of foods, and use a lot of salt. There are benefits to both approaches. There are cases of both methods helping to cure physical diseases. But neither method is right for everyone. As an old Chinese proverb says, "Disease comes from the mouth", many diseases are caused by improper diet, so there are many taboos on food, usually not only pay attention to "dietary supplements", but also not only take medicine after illness, but also "quit mouth". Although these statements and practices seem to be "old", they are "scientific" and very healthy to analyze with modern minds. It is true that many of people's diseases are often caused by improper diet. Common sense tells us that undernutrition will certainly lead to poor health, while overnutrition will also contribute to many diseases. What's more,321 stainless steel sheet, the problem of "food allergy" has aroused widespread vigilance. In the past, we only knew that seafood such as fish, shrimp and crab could cause food allergies, and other foods would not. However, with the development of medicine, it has been confirmed that there are more than 100 kinds of food that can cause allergies. Food allergies are not just itchy, they can be deadly, so I don't give people a list of food nutrition. Some foods are suitable for some people, but not for others, which can not be generalized. There was a patient who liked to drink milk very much at ordinary times. Later, he had habitual diarrhea, x56 line pipe ,uns c70600, so he believed that he should eat more liquid. So when he was thirsty or had a little hunger, he would quench his thirst with milk. As a result, despite taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, the diarrhea situation did not improve, and became worse and worse, and people became thinner and thinner day by day. He came to see me at the clinic, and I told him to stop drinking milk completely from now on. In just a day or two, he recovered from his severe diarrhea. My personal approach to nutrition is very simple. If you want to eat this stuff, eat it. If you don't want to eat this stuff, don't eat it. You should pay as much attention to what you eat as to what you think. When we eat different foods, we should pay attention to the signals sent by our body. If you are a parent and your children are still young, you should take into account their dietary problems and observe them carefully. Generally speaking, meat has the most toxins. Even if you are not allergic to it, you should not eat too much. It is best to replace it with a legume rich in plant protein. This also explains why the number of vegetarians has increased dramatically. It is a pity that many people are used to eating meat, and it is not easy for them to stop eating meat all of a sudden, so they have to let nature take its course and take their time. I believe that as long as people change their ideas first, they will gradually put them into practice. No matter what kind of change, people will feel uncomfortable for a day or two, or change their diet, or change their thinking system, or start to meditate.. That's what happens. And it may appear worse than it was before the change. This is a necessary phenomenon in the transition from the old to the new. Think back to Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, it's time to clean the turkey pan. The seasoning on the pan had been baked hard and stuck to the surface of the pan. So you pour hot water into the pot and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. After a while, you clean the surface of the pan with a stiff brush. It's a real mess now; it looks like the pan is dirtier than it was before we started cleaning it. However, if you remove the brush and rinse the pan several times with clean water, the pan will look as good as new. The same is true when it comes to clearing the mind of stubborn thought patterns. When we soak our minds with new ideas, all the greasy dirt floats to the surface. Keep up your cleaning, and soon you'll have a restrictive idea completely out of your head. · Exercise: Be willing to change We are already willing to change, and we will use all the methods that work for us. Let me describe a method that I have used, both for myself and for others. Step 1: Look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I want to change.". Pay attention to your feelings. If you feel hesitant, want to say no, or just don't want to change, ask yourself why. What old ideas do you still hold? Just look at what the idea is. Please don't blame yourself. I bet that idea got you in a lot of trouble. I wonder where it came from. Do you know? Whether we know where it came from or not, now, let's do something to change it. Once again, go to the mirror,uns c68700, gaze into your eyes, touch your throat, and say out loud to yourself ten times: "I will give up all resistance." 。