Fairy Doctor in the City

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Seeing that it was already late, Zhang Yang suddenly remembered that he had

Seeing that it was already late, Zhang Yang suddenly remembered that he had a dinner appointment with Liu Siwei in the evening. It's almost time now. I think Hank has gone, right? I don't know who this guy wants to introduce himself to. Liu Siwei is a man who has seen the world, and he should have a good eye. Come to think of it, it should not be easy to get into Liu Siwei's eyes. I was wondering if I should go and have a look. Suddenly, my phone rang and I received a text message. Zhang Yang saw that it was sent by Han Ke, but it was an address. Zhang Yang thought that since it was sent, let's go! Anyway, we still have to eat. So he looked at Li Yuhua, told Li Yuhua about his appointment, and asked her whether she would go with him or send her to the hotel to rest first? Li Yuhua is really a little tired, but Zhang Yang suddenly let her heart is still immersed in a sense of happiness, do not want to separate like this. He said he would rather go with Zhang Yang. So Zhang Yang turned the car around and went to the address sent by Han Ke. When he was approaching, Zhang Yang wanted to make a phone call to Liu Siwei. After all, he had brought someone with him. Although Liu Siwei might not have any idea, it was more polite for him to say hello when he was the host. But this call hasn't been made yet. Zhang Yang suddenly arrived at a strange,uns s32750 sheet, subconsciously stepped on the brake, secretly suspicious in the heart, this is evil spirit? At this time, the mobile phone rang again. It's a phone number I don't know. Chapter 1 [Chapter 613] Talking and Laughing 9000 [O] 88 Chapter 613 Talking and Laughing The real demon is not a rare thing. There was no Yichuan on the day of publicity. Evil. But in this human world. Demons seldom come out to make trouble. After Zhang Yang came to these places, the only thing was that he had heard that there was a water monster in the Half Moon Lake, but later it was developed,x60 line pipe, and the Tianling Hospital was built by the lake. Zhang Yang went there almost every day, and he had never seen a monster harming people. With Zhang Yang's present skill, what monster can escape his eyes and lurk in the side? It is nonsense to say that the water monster is dead naturally. When it comes to harming people, I'm afraid it's the guys of the Tiandao Sect who are the most abominable. They don't practice well, but also run out to harm people. Just where does the evil spirit come from? Zhang Yang although surprised, but also not very nervous, this evil spirit although strange, but not very strong. Come to think of it, it is not a monster with profound Taoism. Hearing the truth, Zhang Yang connected the phone. Han Ke's voice came from the other end of the phone. "Master," a phone call. "I've been taken in, 347 stainless steel ,316ti stainless steel," said Hanke. "It's a trap. "I managed to get out." What's wrong? Where are you? Zhang Yang asked. I don't know where this is. I was caught by them and ran out, but Minister Liu and Xiaohu were in their hands. Han Kedao. Did you send the short message of Wangcai? Zhang Yang asked again. What kind of SMS. Han Ke said: "My mobile phone was also taken away by them, and now this is my stolen mobile phone." Han Ke said and told Zhang Yang what happened to him today. Originally, because Zhang Yang said that he might not be able to catch up in the evening, Han Ke called Minister Liu. As a result, people from the Organization Department said that they had not seen him all day today. So Han Ke called him on his cell phone, but he answered the phone, but it was strange to speak hesitantly. He heard that Zhang Yang might not go at night, and he just said a hum. The strangest thing is that Liu Siwei said he was in the office. Han Ke felt something was wrong in his heart. He and Shen Guowei went to pick up his Ferrari. Today, he drove the car to Qingbo to change the BMW of Zhang Yang. Because Zhang Yang was pulled away by Zhao Dahai in Qingbo last time. The car is left here, Han Ke specially for Zhang Yang to drive the car to the airport, but now Zhang Yang himself drove away, he naturally went to pick up his car. Wait until the car, Han Ke simply ran to the organization department to find Liu Siwei, the result is that he is not. Han Kewang came out of the organization department and received a call from Liu Siwei. Liu Siwei asked Zhang Yang whether to go in the evening or not? Falk said that he was not very clear and told him that Zhang Yang would probably go, but it might be a little later. Liu Siwei said he would send the address to Han Ke later. Let Han Ke tell Zhang Yang that he must go. Han Ke had a lot of thoughts and asked him where he was, but Liu Siwei still said he was in the office. So Hank became suspicious. He simply went to Liu Siwei's house to have a look. Fortunately, because of the good relationship with Zhang Yang, we are very familiar with each other, but Han Ke knows Liu Siwei's family. Because Liu Siwei repeatedly stressed that he was in the office, of course, Han Ke would not go directly to knock on the door. So Han Ke parked his car not far from Liu Siwei's house. When I was thinking about how to explore it, I found that Liu Siwei had come out. And two people he didn't know came out with him. They got in a car together and left. Han Ke felt that Liu Siwei's appearance was very strange. He seemed to be following others. When he walked, he did not squint, and even his eyes did not move. So Boike did not make a sound and quietly drove far behind. All the way to a villa in the suburbs. Han Ke saw that Liu Siwei's car entered a villa and did not stop, but drove directly past. After driving for a while, I found a place to park. Originally at this time, the decoration gram called Zhang Yang, who knew that Zhang Yang's invisible barrier covered himself and Li Yuhua, which directly caused Han Ke to hear that the mobile phone was not in the service area. So Han Ke wanted to go in and check himself. Originally, he asked Xiaohu to stay in the car and wait for him, but Xiaohu insisted on going with him. Han Ke thought that now he had learned a lot from Zhang Yang, even if there was any danger. Protecting the tiger should not be a big problem, so he took him quietly over the wall into the villa. With Falk's ability now, it's certainly a piece of cake to climb over the wall. After entering, Hank found that the place looked like a high-end club, but it was empty and empty,uns s32760 plate, perhaps not in business. Hank took a turn in the garden. No one was found, so he sneaked into the house. He had long learned from Zhang Yang how to control objects with his mind, and naturally and easily let the lock tongue bounce off by itself. It also provoked the tiger to hide behind him and extend his thumb to him. lksteelpipe.com